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Attracting, incubating and growing businesses in Downtown New Haven

Social Lubricant

Happiness Lab and Elm City Games coexist to be 'social lubricant' in New Haven. Jason C. Diaz of New Haven Register sat down with Trish Loter, Matt Loter, and Vishal Patel of Happiness Lab/Elm City Games. Game On....

You can drink Tanzanian coffee, play a Korean board game and make a new (Haven) friend at coffeehouse Happiness Lab on Chapel Street.


It’s all fun and games inside Happiness Lab/Elm City Games at 756 Chapel St. and co-owners Trish Loter, Matt Loter and Vishal Patel are “all smiles” about it.

Patel, also co-owner of 101.

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Try a Taste of Brazil on Church Street!

Tiago Pavuna had a dream, to open his own restaurant. When Taste of Brazil opened its doors, the ten-year restaurant industry veteran realized his vision.

When Pavuna and his business partner Linalva Coelho arrived in New Haven via Philadelphia, it was to purchase equipment from the recently closed Chicklets. However, once they saw the town and the location, 135 Church Street, the conversation quickly changed. The partners offered to purchase the business along with the equipment.

Upon entering the restaurant, you are drawn to the rotisserie where the meat is roasted. The rotating spit holds the house special top sirloin (so far.

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