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Publicizing the work of Town Green District to the Community at large and creating greater awareness of Downtown New Haven as a shopping, dining, and cultural destination for area residents, employees, businesses, and visitors.

What is Tip Tour?

For nearly a year, Town Green has been working with a mobile GPS app called Tip Tour to guide people to our various programming and events as a way to not only eliminate paper but to use technology to our advantage while helping people navigate the District.

Below is information on this handy tool. Download on your mobile phone today and start exploring New Haven and our events!

Tip-Tour Explorer: There's a story behind everything.

Discover and explore nearby points of interest or check out a collection of suggested points that have been carefully curated to form a tour. Geotagged audio recordings,.

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Give Change to Make Change Program Launched

Have you noticed the brightly colored meters in Downtown New Haven? They're part of the Give Change to Make Change Program unveiled at a press conference on December 12, 2016 at New Haven's City Hall.

The program encourages the public to deposit change into select meters in Downtown New Haven and funds directly support outreach programs in the City. The program is meant to encourage people to "Say Yes to Giving and No to Panhandling."

Four meters have been installed in downtown New Haven already with 6 more scheduled to be installed after feedback from the community for additional locations. The.

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