What is Tip Tour?

For nearly a year, Town Green has been working with a mobile GPS app called Tip Tour to guide people to our various programming and events as a way to not only eliminate paper but to use technology to our advantage while helping people navigate the District.

Below is information on this handy tool. Download on your mobile phone today and start exploring New Haven and our events!

Tip-Tour Explorer: There’s a story behind everything.

Discover and explore nearby points of interest or check out a collection of suggested points that have been carefully curated to form a tour. Geotagged audio recordings, photos, and videos help guide you along as you find novel ways to interact with new and familiar places.

Key Features:
• Tip people who share engaging points of interest and/or tours with in app tipping
• Use the in app compass to help you locate points of interest
• Download points before you travel to minimize data usage
• Explore and share all that Tip-Tour has to offer
– Bar crawls
– Wine/beer tastings
– Menu tastings
– Fitness tours
– Ski resort trail suggestions
– Factory tours
– Information about local landmarks and attractions

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