Public Seating Areas


Just in time for when the weather is warm and it’s comfortable to sit outside, a plethora of seating options have returned to New Haven. These durable chairs and tables decorating the downtown landscape provide the perfect respite to weary travelers and residents alike.

The Tables and Chairs Program is a plan implemented by Town Green District. Arranging the furniture daily in such areas as the New Haven Green, Audubon Arts District, as well as the area on Chapel Street between High and York, the Downtown District Ambassadors arrange these as part of an overall effort to enhance the comfortability of the downtown area.

If you’re hungry for something delicious and you’d like a nice place to read a book and sip an iced tea or iced coffee, now’s your chance to order something to go, and have a seat outside. Temperatures this week are expected to reach the 60°F’s. Right now, Tables and Chairs are only available in front of the Yale Art Gallery at the moment, but the program is set to expand to its full-fledged state in a matter of weeks.

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