Monthly Archives: January 2013

55+ City Businesses Opened In 2012

As goes Orange Street Hairstyles, so goes New Haven small business, it seems. The shop’s owner, Stacey Quattlebaum, has her nifty barber pole, her sign and new decals on her doors. She has a new employee who specializes in razor cuts with a softer than silk badger hair brush. Best of all, business has been…
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Retail Snapshot Q4 Released

To gain an understanding of the current small business environment and market potential in downtown New Haven, an inventory of all retail establishments in downtown is conducted on a quarterly basis. This research was done December 2012 (Q4 ‘12) and will be compared to Q1, Q2 and Q3 ‘12. Highlights include a vacancy rate of 15%,…
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Soul de Cuba Cafe Happy 8!

Soul de Cuba celebrates its 8th anniversary today, January 24th, 2013! The restaurant has served four tons of black beans and sixteen tons of white rice since its doors opened in 2005! "What is 'New Haven' in Spanish? Nueva Havana. This is the link with New Haven," explained Soul de Cuba owner, Jesus Puerto. Jesus…
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