Monthly Archives: March 2013

What’s Here? Rolfing

The word “Rolfing” sounds like something the body does to heal itself after a night of abandon—and that’s actually not far off, if you replace night with life. Rolfing therapy pursues pain relief and optimal body function through “structural integration,” which is what the inventor of the technique, Dr. Ida P. Rolf, called it (before others turned Rolf’s…
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What’s New? ROIA – Gilded Age Returns

Gilded Age Returns With Shaved Fennel When Avi Szapiro cut the ceremonial ribbon on Roia, his new farm-to-table American cuisine restaurant, he showed off a butternut squash puree with marinated leeks and roasted pine nuts—as well as a marble mosaic tile floor no one has seen in a hundred years. Both the new cuisine and…
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What’s Coming? Ordinary

Storied Richter’s Tavern To Open New Chapter After months spent painstakingly restoring an iconic bar, securing locally sourced hand-crafted pies, and finding just the right ice maker, Jason Sobocinski is nearly ready to open ... an ordinary watering hole. Sobocinski (at left in photo) and his three collaborators have taken extraordinary measures to achieve their…
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