Monthly Archives: December 2013

What’s Coming: Deal Inked for Coliseum Site

As the outgoing administration lined up to sign a $395 million deal for a mixed-use development envisioned as a new neighborhood downtown, Mayor-elect Toni Harp pledged to go after the state funding that will make it a reality. “Whenever there is change there is often worry that things will happen and things won’t be maintained,”…
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What’s New: CAPA Takes Over Shubert

The Shubert Theater has held a special place in downtown New Haven history for the last 99 years and it is now beginning a new chapter. The Connecticut Association for the Performing Arts has been operating the theater for the city since 2001 and it officially took over ownership today. “Places like this are important…
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What’s Here: Hidden Gem

Cafe Vincenzo at Gateway Community College: Once a Week Hidden Gem One of the very best-kept secrets of the New Haven dining scene is hiding in plain sight, right at the entrance to downtown. In its new home, Gateway Community College is now even more aptly named since that street intersection is the gateway to New…
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