Monthly Archives: September 2014

What’s Coming: Hotel Possibilities

Builder: Hotel Deal Near For Post-Coliseum Plan  recently appeared in New Haven Independent. Paul Bass covers the article. Three companies are competing to build a “four-and-a-half-star” hotel at the old New Haven Coliseum site as part of the broader $400-plus million plan in the works there, according to developer Max Reim. Reim (pictured above) said he’ll…
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On9 Wins Pinnacle Award

During its 60th Anniversary Conference and Tradeshow, the International Downtown Association recognized Town Green Special Services District with a Downtown Pinnacle Award for its work and initiatives related to An Innovative Event that transformed the Neighborhood. The innovative event, On9, is a collaborative open-house evening the first Friday of every month in a neighborhood famous…
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Olea, the New Incarnation

Attention foodie fans of Ibiza, the acclaimed High Street restaurant that abrupty closed this spring: Chef Manuel Romero is back. David Sepulveda of New Haven Independent writes about the new changes and old friends at 39 High Street. Romero (pictured below) returns as both head chef and co-owner of Olea (emphasis on the “O”), offering…
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