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The City of New Haven’s 2015 population is estimated at 130,612 according to the 2017 CERC Town Profile; the second largest city, by population, in Connecticut and it is the seat of New Haven County. There are an estimated  862,224 in all of New Haven County*. New Haven Town Profile. Download Report.

*Source: Town Profiles, August, 2017, www.cerc.com

Downtown New Haven Travel Time Demographics 

12-minute Travel Time** (download map)
Population 380,511
Median Household Income $57,809
Average Household Income $79,136
Owner Occupancy 55.66%
Median Home Value $248,383
% Population B.A. or More 34.43%
Population B.A. or More 89,356
% HH’s Earning $100K or More 26.88%
Households Earning $100K or More 39,875
% Homes Valued $400K or More 15.38%
Homes Valued at $400K or More 13,167
**Source: The Nielsen Company, July 2016

New Haven Executive Summary 

View the Executive Summary of data compiled for a 12-minute travel time from 900 Chapel Street in the heart of Downtown New Haven, CT.  Click here for report

Key Demographics

Travel Time from 900 Chapel St. (download map)

2 min.

7 min

12 min.

Population 28,022 220,461 380,434
Median HH income $33,359 $45,663 $57,809
Average HH Income $57,149 $65,779 $79,136
Owner Occupancy 1,455 35,236 82,596
Median Home Value $236,063 $209,005 $248,383
% pop BA or more 53.44% 31.53% 34.43%
Population BA or more 9,083 45,312 89,356
%HH's Earnings $100K or More 14.30% 19.63% 26.88%
Households Earning $100K or more 1,606 16,472 39,875
%Homes Valued $400K or more 21.15% 9.36% 15.38%
Homes Valued at $400K or More 307 3,297 12,701
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Source: Nielsen Solutions, The Nielsen Company, July 2016


Lifestyle Demographics

Within a 15-minutes drive from downtown New Haven there are 144,834 households.  A large majority of these households can be categorized by demographics and behaviors to provide a profile of purchasing and lifestyle preferences to help us better understand the consumer market. Nielsen’s PRIZM data was analyzed for New Haven to fit consumers into one of 66 categories based on census data, leading consumer surveys and compiled household files, and other public and private sources of demographic and consumer information.  Information that helps classify individuals includes travel habits, eating out, shopping, auto purchases and more. Demographic characteristics such as education, income, housing and race/ethnicity are also used to create a profile. PRIZM operates on the principle that "birds of a feather flock together." It's a worldwide phenomenon that people with similar cultural backgrounds, needs, and perspectives naturally gravitate toward one another.

Top 10 segments within 15-min Drive Time

Area Households Percentage  
Up-and-Comers 9803 6.77%
Boomtown Singles 9060 6.26%
Family Thrifts 8956 6.18%
Middleburg Managers 8749 6.04%
Home Sweet Home 8525 5.89%
Park Bench Seniors 8253 5.70%
City Startups 7108 4.91%
Brite Lites, Li'l City 6924 4.78%
Pools and Patios 6340 4.38%
Young Influentials 5937 4.10%


Who Are Up and Comers?

upandcomersUp-and-Comers is a stopover for younger, upper-midscale singles before they marry, have families, and establish more deskbound lifestyles. Found in second-tier cities, these mobile adults, mostly age 25 to 44, include a disproportionate number of recent college graduates who are into athletic activities, the latest technology, and nightlife entertainment.

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 **Source: The Nielsen Company, July 2014