What’s New? Juicing on Chapel

The Shops at Yale and Yale University Properties are pleased to announce the recent opening of The Juice Box at 1092 Chapel Street, on the ground floor of the Yale Center for British Art.

The Juice Box was started on the principle that the combination of juicing plus refined eating is a strong foundation for healthy living.  Sasha Zabar and his partners Sammy Chamino and Max Young developed The Juice Box concept store.  “After spending time in New Haven with my partners we developed the idea of opening one of Connecticut’s first cold-pressed juice bars.  We did our research and found that the downtown New Haven food scene was missing a high-quality juice bar, which have recently become very popular in larger metropolitan areas.” said Sasha Zabar.

Sasha grew up working in his family’s famous New York City food business, Zabar’s, which exposed him to hard work and an understanding of true quality.  “We feel that The Juice Box is the perfect addition to New Haven’s food landscape – we understand our role in nourishing our customers’ bodies and educating their minds on how to feel whole.”  The drinks are prepared with produce that is 100% raw, non GMO, and often local.  These juices retain their natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals, ensuring they contain the richest stores of micronutrients.  The Juice Box also sells healthy smoothies and vegetarian acai bowls.  Their full menu can be found online at http://juiceboxnewhaven.com/menu.

“We are delighted that we were able to bring The Juice Box, a high quality, healthy, cold-pressed juice concept to New Haven,” said Lauren Zucker, Yale University’s Associate Vice President for New Haven Affairs and University Properties.  “Yale University’s community investment program supports the growth of New Haven businesses, reinvigorating New Haven’s downtown and expanding the city’s tax base.”

About The Juice Box

The Juice Box was started on the principle that the combination of juicing plus refined eating was a strong foundation for healthy living.  The Juice Box was created by a group of foodies whose passion about their own health inspired them to create fresh, delicious juices, smoothies and acai bowls for their customers.

Here’s how cold-pressing works: a hydraulic press crushes and then presses the fruit and vegetables using thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the maximum amount of nectar from the pulp and fiber, leaving the most nutrient rich form of juice available.  The juice is then immediately bottled and sealed. No heat is used in this process, so nutrients are not lost as in traditional pasteurization.

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