From Intersection to Connection

A Placemaking Project to transform the intersection and bridge at Chapel/State streets

What would you like to see as you enter Downtown by foot, bike, or car from State and Chapel Streets?

What would you like visitors to see first thing as they step off the train at State Street Station?

How do you experience this bridge and intersection now?

Do you imagine something more?

Focus area for improvement.

Focus area for improvement.

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Help create a vision for the placemaking project that could shift this area of downtown New Haven, “From Intersection to Connection” between Downtown and Wooster Square.


Town Green District identifies and improve through placemaking efforts key areas that highly impact the experience and appearance of the rest of Downtown. In conversations, workshops and surveys of business and property owners, city officials, citizens, commuters, tourists and beyond, we have heard extraordinary concerns about the “unwelcoming”, “dirty”, “intimidating” and “unloved” appearance of the intersection and bridge - a crucial cross point between Wooster Square and Downtown New Haven. With ongoing input from the community, design expertise from local design studio Atelier Cue, insight from the City’s transit-oriented development plans, and the example of other cities’ successful projects, Town Green District is spearheading this revitalization effort to create a great “welcome” into Downtown New Haven.


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