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Terrasse Permitting

Terrasse's are custom-built, ADA accessible outdoor dining areas and placed in front of your business, with or without bistro sets.

Click here for further information on the Terrasse Program. Contact:

City Sidewalk Dining Permitting

Outdoor sidewalk dining in front of your business requires an permit from The City of New Haven. The permit is $150 per year and must be renewed annually.

Click here for the sidewalk dining application.

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Event Permitting

Have your own idea for an event in Downtown New Haven? Take a look at the permits list and descriptions below to identify the permits necessary.

Still unsure where to start? Town Green District is happy to provide you consulting for hosting your own event. Contact Francesca Vignola for more information.


Special Events Permit  |  City of New Haven, Public Works Department

Special Events Permit |  City of New Haven, Parks & Rec Department

  • Use for events in public parks & plazas

  • Fee required

Temporary Food Service |  City of New Haven, Health Department

  • For existing brick & mortar restaurants

  • Food is cooked within restaurant and brought to be served anywhere outside of the restaurant location

  • Can be waived if business holds an annual catering license

  • Fee required

Temporary Liquor Service  |  State of Connecticut

  • Click here for Permit Requirements/FAQ

  • For serving and selling liquor outside of a licensed brick & mortar establishment

  • Includes outdoor locations

  • Before submitting for consideration, the application requires signatures from (in this order):

  1. Zoning Department

  2. Town Clerk

  3. Fire Marshall

  4. Office of the Police Chief
    (includes applicant background check of permit holder)

  • Fee required